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Proxy Retail is your go-to solution for all work pertaining to the tobacco category at retail. Convenience, mass merchandisers, grocery, drug, or liquor; regardless of your channel to market, we are the source for expert project planning and management, installation, merchandising and compliance. All this ensures that you remain on-brand and appeal to the adult tobacco consumer.

The Tobacco Category is an ever changing environment. Strategic marketing initiatives shift, new products are released, contract & legislative compliance plus competitors vie for valuable space. These factors require up to date fixtures and components which ultimately drive sales and buy-down revenue. Proxy Retail has the experience and expertise to deploy functional tobacco fixtures and execute manufacturer expectations within your retail space.

Consistency of brand messaging and professionally installing the tools necessary to increase your sales volume today and for years to come is our goal. Whether you are remerchandising, resetting, right-sizing, installing replacement parts or an entire category, contact us today to discuss how Proxy Retail can improve the timing and effectiveness of your initiatives to market.

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Your vision. Installed.

Proxy Retail offers many services to make sure your project goes smoothly and eliminates wasted time, cost, and effort.


Scope of Work

The professional team of account managers and development staff at Proxy Retail is arguably one of the most experienced in the country today, each boasting literal decades of experience in the industry. Let us put this experience to work for your next program. Our team will listen to your needs, ask the right questions, and be the conduit to the field, ensuring quality training and accountability.


Knowledgeable Operators in the Field

Proxy Retail works with only the most conscientious and reliable installation teams in the country. Whether your program is regional or national, we train our teams to suit your needs and maintain consistency in execution.


Logistics and Warehousing

Proxy Retail works with a combination of logistics and warehouse providers across the country to supply innovative and competitive solutions to get your goods where they need to go. Our tried and true partners can be counted on to meet material fulfillment needs for your next project.


Our manufacturing partners trust us to provide top quality, professional services to install their fixtures every time. That consistency translates to a footprint behind the counter that expands the life-span and survivability of your fixtures for years to come. Not only does a poorly installed fixture fail sooner, it presents a hazard to employees and customers. Proxy Retail prides itself on following all manufacturer guidelines to successfully and safely install your fixtures.

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Execution at Retail

project management

Custom Surveys

The common misconception is that upfront surveys cost too much and do not provide enough value. Considering the high cost of additional logistics, overlooked material needs, failure to meet time constraints, non-compliance, and go-backs, a quality survey can help you avoid those expensive errors. Proxy Retail’s account managers know how to approach surveys to ensure you are getting the appropriate value out of such an investment.



Identify fixture type and manufacturer

Identify damaged component needs

Identify trays and other components needed for compliance or your new look

order support

Order Support

Once the survey is complete, Proxy Retail is ready to support you as you move forward with identifying needs for your projects. With so many different fixture types installed over the years, it is imperative that your program is supported by a team that understands your vision.



When it comes to the final step of implementing all of your hard work at retail, Proxy Retail’s valued and professional installation teams are ready to make it happen. From planning to training to execution, our field representatives are experienced and knowledgeable, dependable, and accountable and we stand behind them ready to support them and you with expert communication up and down the chain.



Data drives success and speed to market is just as important as the need to validate that your vision was properly installed. Proxy Retail has developed a web and app-based reporting tool, providing you with accurate and immediate reporting from the field in real-time.

Scalable – This program will fit the needs of any size project and will give you the visibility you need to react more effectively, eliminating downtime wasted on waiting for photos and field reports.

Developed with you, the client, in mind this tool is completely unbranded and can be configured to fit your individual or proprietary needs

The Proxy Retail web-reporting tool is yours as much as it is ours. As your Proxy, we continue to develop and improve our field app and web-based systems with your needs in mind. We urge you to let us know how we can make it a more productive and valuable tool to suit your needs.

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Proxy Retail claims to be one of the best because we hold ourselves accountable. We do not wish to simply get in and out and just get the job done. Proxy Retail is a group of individuals devoted to getting things done with efficiency by getting them done correctly the first time. Our goal is to develop long-lasting relationships and to become a valued resource, a known solution for your Cigarette, Moist Smokeless Tobacco, Cigar, Vapor or Electronic Cigarette, and Oral or Alternative tobacco fixture and merchandising needs. Stop putting up with good enough. Let us know how we can help your store or chain stand out today.

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