Celebrate 2023 with 
Proxy Retail's 
$2023 Money Back Guarantee

proxy retail

Proxy Retail

If we don’t impress you, we will give you $2023 back.

Must be a qualified client, must be a qualified project. New clients only. Rebate will not exceed total job price or $2023, whichever is less.
A lot of companies say they are the best. A lot of companies really are ok. We never tire of hearing that “Proxy just does it better.” It’s in our name. Proxy. Your PROxy, Your pros. We are there for you.
Proxy will put our money where our mouth is and show you, we are the standard. Clients call us “best in class.” “Responsive.” “Resourceful” Agile. Trustworthy. Fantastic partners.”
We are like a modern old-fashioned company. We treat clients like clients. We take time to understand your needs and wants. We do everything we can within reason to meet those objectives. We don’t over-promise and under-deliver, that’s not trustworthy. We don’t under-promise in order to over-deliver, that’s lying too! We do what we say. You can accurately plan based on the representations that we make.

Must be a qualified client, must be a qualified project. New clients only. 
Rebate will not exceed total job price or $2023, whichever is less.

proxy retail


No surprises. No semantics. No rogue actions.

You can expect fair and direct pricing.

Punctual, professional installers. (Both employee installers and contractors)

Quality, safe installations per manufacturer’s instructions and SOW.

Industry experienced account managers and project managers.

Singular point of contact.

Real time submittal of deliverables

Fast, accurate invoicing.

Mind-blowingly fast responses to warranty claims.

Soup to Nuts

Soup to nuts, we have set the new standard for excellence not just along the entire life cycle of a project but for a national contracting resource. The term National Installation Company doesn’t have to carry the negative connotation that the word “subcontractor” also seems to carry. At least not anymore. We started an employee division to alleviate some customers’ concerns over the use of subcontractors in general. But frankly, we also have the very best subcontractors in the nation. We set our subs up for success. We don’t just forward your documents and hope they get the job done ok-ish. We support them the same way we support our employees because their success is intrinsically tied to our success and that success is your success. Their failures will flow all the way to the top. We understand how it can take seconds to lose a customer that took you years to earn.

The Bottom Line

We hope that in 2023 we can begin relationships with new, deserving clients. We hope that $2023 is enough of an incentive to prove to you that we mean what we say. Not too many companies will do a job for free simply because you weren’t impressed enough especially from beginning to end.

Call (866) 321-2023 to accept the challenge

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