COVID 19 Update

Proxy Retail Group acknowledges the serious nature of this unprecedented global pandemic. At this time, and until further notice, no operations are being conducted at our corporate headquarters located at 215 Hillcrest Ave., Yorkville, Illinois. We have directed all office employees to work from home. We encourage social distancing; we insist on contact tracing.

We understand that essential operations must be conducted in the field. While this poses health risks, we encourage our people to request leave as far in advance as possible and will not penalize anyone if they do not feel comfortable or well enough to complete their on-site activities. We ask for your patience if we need to make last-minute adjustments to complete your contracted business.

In addition to your stipulations, we will follow all laws, restrictions and guidelines set in place by Federal, State and Local Authorities. This includes but not limited to, keeping crews together, social distancing, frequent hand washing and utilization of masks.

We feel that nothing is worth compromising the health and safety of our clients, your clients, our contractors and employees, including their families and loved ones.

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